Private Training at Your Office

By far the best hands on training you can receive is “Private PRP Training” at your office. Not only will you receive hands on experience in the environment you are most comfortable in, you will have the physician’s undivided attention. But there’s much more! During private training, your complete office staff participates in all aspects of the training, making them instantly comfortable with the procedure and patient process. Furthermore, you will be performing the procedures on your very own patients, allowing you to follow up on your patients and to generate revenue on training day. In most cases, this training day revenue covers your out of pocket cost for the training fees.

This exceptional one on one approach offers you and your team the confidence you will need to implement these PRP procedures immediately in your practice.

 PRIVATE training at your office eliminates many obstacles and the process is quite simple. 

  1. Our Studio PRP sales specialist with work with your office staff to send an email blast to your patients announcing the “New Services.”  You can offer them a training discount if they have services on the training day.  We make sure they understand that an “expert physician” is going to train you to offer these procedures in your practice.
  2. We provide you with all the information necessary so you will have all the tools, supplies and forms that you need in your office before training day.
  3. You collect the money from the patients for treatments provided on training day.  These revenues typically cover the training fees and often physicians have recovered 100% of their initial investment from revenues generated during training.  This is a win-win because your patients get a meaningful discount and you get to see them return for follow up visit.  It is very exciting to see the patients come back and rave about the results they have achieved.
  4. We provide you answers to FAQ.
  5. We can treat your staff and/or family members on training day should you choose.  This way your staff will experience the treatments thus making it easier for them to discuss accurately with your patients.  Also, you will be able to witness the results and obtain the feedback from your own patients.  This will really help your confidence.  The procedures are effective and therefore very easy to sell with pride and integrity.

To inquire further and/or schedule private training in your practice, call 561-299-0603.