Lisa Vuich headshot smallI have been providing non surgical aesthetics in my private medispa since 2005. Over the years I have participated in many training conferences, both large group and small, in every type of venue. Recently I attended the StudioPRP Hands on Group Training in Boca Raton, and I can say without reservation it is the best organized small group training I have ever attended. The staff are professional and overly helpful with all aspects of the event. Dr. Lisbeth Roy is an excellent instructor with an obviously comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the procedures. They have taken the time to organize not only the information about the procedures but also all of the information needed to get started (such as supply lists, industry contacts, etc…) in an excellent handout binder and have been available post-course to answer any questions. Even though I had already started to offer some of the PRP procedures in my practice prior to attending this training, I found it extremely helpful to further organize my approach, add additional procedures with confidence, and know that I now have the other StudioPRP members as colleagues with whom I can collaborate in the future on best practices with PRP. I highly recommend this training to anyone in the field who is offering or considering to offer these procedures in the future.

Lisa Vuich, MD- Renew MediSpa- Windham, NH