Studio PRP

Studio, clinical protocols, valuable practice tools and turn-key marketing  The comprehensive offering is a FAST TRACK to success for practitioners to

Group Training

While each training program is unique to the instructing physician, all Studio PRP group trainings include both didactic and hands on clinical training. Group trainings include introducing the history of PRP, mechanism of action, review of articles published, clinical applications and how to talk about PRP to your patients and staff. During the clinical portion, you will learn all you need to know to treat patients, understand the tools necessary to perform procedures, how to inform the patient about these procedures and follow up treatment plans.

Specialty Training

Multiple trainings are held throughout the year reserved specifically for urologist and gynecologist teaching the latest regenerative therapies to treat sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Training includes both didactic and hands on clinical techniques using PRP, shockwave and duplex ultrasound. Specialty trainings are and taught by board certified physicians.

Private Training

By far the best hands on training you can receive is “Private PRP Training” at your office. Not only will you receive hands on experience in the environment you are most comfortable in, you will have the training physician’s undivided attention.

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